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Legal Investigations Group, Inc. is a full service commercial debt collection agency. With over 32 years of commercial collections and debt recovery experience, we are able to handle any commercial debt claim prior to filing a law suit.


In an uncertain economy, corporations today face challenges each month on who they issue credit to. When the right credit decision takes a turn for the worst, leaving a balance to collect or litigate upon, our firm is here to help you get back on track.


Thinking About Going Legal? See Why You Shouldn't......


If you are thinking about suing your accounts right from the start, you should reconsider your actions.  Here are some statistics from the uscourts.gov that will get you thinking otherwise.  Judgments rarely get your money collected and if you get bankruptcies you will never see your money!

Top 10 Worst States for Accounts Receivables Past Due


1. Nevada (NV) 25.55% corporate A/R debt past due

2. Utah (UT) 24.38%

3. Minnesota (MN) 24.02%

4. Colorado (CO) 21.92%

5. Arizona (AZ) 21.64%

6. Wisconsin (WI) 21.37%

When should accounts be placed for collections?

60 days past due
7% (21 votes)
90 days past due
21% (63 votes)
120 days past due
49% (150 votes)
180 days past due
19% (57 votes)
360 days plus past due
5% (14 votes)
Total votes: 305
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